2017 in words

That’s pretty much it for this year! I could probably sum up 2017 with that one emoji that has a stupid happy grin and a drop of sweat on the forehead, but nah.

Let’s recap. While there were some low points this year, they were overshadowed by all of the surprises that turned out to be awesome. I learned tons. About myself – what I’m good at (meeting people though I’m a total introvert) & what I’m not so great at (inventory & graphic design, I hate you.) About business – apparently time actually is money. About candles – keep trusting my nose. And about my customers – they are fantastically loyal!

I made more candles than ever, gleaning lots from pouring, pouring, pouring. The intensity of fall craft shows helped me see where some of my processes could be more efficient. So I’ve already rearranged the little studio in preparation for next year. I’m excited!

What else is in store for 2018? Well, I want to get more Lulumiére candles out into the wild. I’ll be working with local stores so that you don’t have to necessarily go into downtown Seattle to get that last minute gift. I know it can be a challenge to leave the burbs on a whim. If you have a favorite local gift shop, I’d love to hear about it!

I also have some new scents coming down the line. One of them is ready to go but I’ll be asking your thoughts on scent profiles or types of vessels that you think are missing from the collection.

Wow, you guys have lots to do for next year! Get crackin! (And thank you, once again.)

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