National Fragrance Day

Did you know that National Fragrance Day was this week?

Looking back, I think I’ve always recognized fragrance as part of the story. Even as a young girl, I could identify the scent of each grocery store, every friend’s home & even certain people.

At my wedding, well over a decade ago, I had a signature fragrance that I wanted diffused into the air. My intention was to include scent in making this new memory, along with the beautiful sight of flowers, the sounds of promises being made, the warmth of friends & family being together in one place. It was an intentional way for me to tie it all together.

I love the idea of a signature fragrance. Chanel No. 5, no matter who is wearing it, will remind me of my favorite aunt. Certain men’s colognes remind me of boys long gone from my life. And I can’t identify what it is but I would recognize it immediately if I smelled my mother’s nightly face cream. Do certain perfumes bring someone to mind right away for you? What is your fragrance? Do you have a signature scent that you never tire of?

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