Spring Fest 2018 in Edmonds


Hey everyone! I’ll be at the Edmonds Spring Fest this Saturday from 11am-6pm put on by the one & only, Urban Craft Uprising. It’s the first one they’ve put on like this in beautiful downtown Edmonds. Come & say hello!

The top 3 foods I will be eating at Spring Fest:

  1. The Tamale Guy
  2. Island Blends Acai
  3. The Cookie Counter

The top 3 items I’m already prepared to get:

  1. Drinking Straws.Glass
  2. Render Skincare
  3. Mustard and Co.

The top 3 reasons to visit me:

  1. It’s supposed to be sunny.
  2. I have new 100% essential oil candles for you to sniff: lavender & eucalyptus, coffee & vanilla and balsam & cedar.
  3. It’s just down the hill from Ono Poke, my fave.

See you there, friends!


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