Just kidding

True story below.

Some times I make plans & stick with them. Then other times, it doesn’t quite work out that way. You too?

August ended up being a great month down at the market (thank you!!) and I had to strongly consider staying. But once I saw this art installation in the blogosphere, I knew its home had to be my space at the market.

It is going in this week along with another wall hanging that I’ve been working on for months! Can’t wait to share it with you.

Last month at Pike

Having a my own spot down at one of the most iconic places in the Pacific Northwest has been one of the most exciting experiences ever. But this month, August, will be my last one at the market. At least for a bit. It's time to focus on fall shows, working on my wholesale line & a nice, quiet vacation.

The less I have to bring back out of the store, the better. So! If you have been thinking of visiting this summer, expect some substantial markdowns on all of the items in the booth. That includes brass himmeli, vintage vessel candles, boxed sets, hand lettered signs, WA state cutouts & the cutest little travel tins.

Thank you for supporting me and all of the little guys down at Pike Place. While I love convenient online shopping from the big guys, it's what all the artisans that are doing that gives me the greatest joy.

xoxo, lulumiére

Pottery Barn

You guys, thanks so much for coming out yesterday!

I am always grateful & honestly a little bit surprised by the overwhelming support from you all. I truly couldn't ask for more.

I was kind of holding my breath about the Pure Essential line but I'm so glad y'all liked it! Bergamot & Tangerine was the big winner of the day. It's one of my faves, which just confirms that yes, we all do have very good taste.

Also, I must declare that the staff at Bellevue Square Pottery Barn is really great to work with. Usually when I attend a show, the toughest part is hauling everything around. It involves multiple trips to and from the car, carrying lots & lots of heavy candles. Yesterday, all I had to do was pull up to the curb, where there were 2 helpful staff waiting with carts. They came right up to the trunk of my car and helped me load it all up. Then they whisked it all away in their freight elevator. I parked my car and waltzed into the front of the store, where the carts had magically appeared, ready for me to do my thing. So nice! During the pop up, they sweetly gave me several offers of assistance. And then when it was all over, unloading back into my car was just as quick as getting it all out. Sometimes you can tell when people are "just doing their job." Not these guys. They really went above & beyond to make my experience as lovely as possible. Allow me to tip my messy bun to you. Thank you!

Pure Essential Line

Essential Lavender Litsea

This is what I was waiting to share with you all! It’s the beginning of my new Pure Essential Line, made only with vegan wax, cotton wicks & 100% essential oils – blended by hand by me. This new line includes:

  • Lavender & Litsea
  • Grapefruit & Lime
  • Rosemary & Eucalyptus
  • Bergamot & Tangerine

Why is it so exciting? Well, it took a long time to get here. I researched, blended, poured, lit & repeated until I came up with these winners. There is a lot of thought behind each blend. Not only do the candles smell lovely, but there is intention behind each one. The distinct benefits of each essential oil had to make sense together.

For instance, this Lavender & Litsea candle is meant to be inhaled! Litsea has a lemony, citrus scent that works beautifully with lavender and gives this candle a light & dreamy quality. And while many of you might already be familiar with lavender’s soothing properties, litsea is also beneficial. It is known to be anti-microbial and healthy for respiration. Doesn’t that make you want to just sniff it all up? I can’t wait for you to try it!


What we're talking about here is the elevation of ideas when mutual inspiration is involved. Ideally, it will include the words, "Alright, stop. Collaborate & listen." (If you're lucky. Or working with me. Or both.)

In this case, those exact words may not have been used, but there was true inspiration involved! I am so excited to offer a limited number of hand selected Pottery Barn mugs, as candles, at the Bellevue Square Pottery Barn pop-up next week! It was a lot of fun working with them to come up with these vessels for you.

Here's a sneak preview…

See those huge white cappuccino mugs in back? They want to be 3-wick candles. I am deciding between a coffee scent for those or maybe something that's more of a surprise. Let me know what you think!

And look at those awesome heart mugs! Gold rim on top with gold & rainbow assorted hearts on the outside. Inside the rim: love is love is love…

Last but not least, check out the colors & textures of the mugs up front. Stoneware is having a major moment now. These are a great modern take on a vintage look.

Imagine with me that all of these beautiful mugs will be candles very soon.

And as I've mentioned before, since they will be filled with phthalate free fragrance oils & natural soy wax, they will be easy to wash out when through + 100% safe for drinking from.

Come see & sniff for yourself! Saturday, August 5th, from 12pm-4pm.

New travel tins

Tin Grapefruit 1

Hello! We’ve expanded the travel tin line to include the popular Grapefruit & Sangria scents, in addition to our already-favorite Northwest. The size is not too big, not too small & the brushed gold is just right.

They also pair well for the perfect gift! How about these ideas?

  • The Grapefruit candle nestled into a lovely basket of fresh fruit.
  • The Sangria candle + a bottle of wine.
  • The Northwest candle + some beautiful smoked salmon.
  • All three candles packaged a set.

We’re really proud to add these to the line and hope you enjoy them all!

Pottery Barn Pop-Up


You are invited to see what’s new with Lulumière in just a few weeks. Please save the date! I will be launching a new line that I’m so super excited about, it’s a little ridiculous. If you think you might be able to make it, please RSVP here. I’d like to reserve a special gift for you, free with any purchase. Bring your friends & I’ll see you soon!

Etsy shop is now open!

Hello Etsy

Yay! I’m excited to announce that Lulumière candles are now on Etsy! You’ll be able to browse listings for all of my current signature boxed sets as well as some new travel tins. In the future, I’ll also be listing some one-of-a-kind vintage vessel candles that I hope you’ll fancy.

Thank you, thank you for supporting my small business.

*Please feel free to use the coupon code WELCOME to enjoy 20% off your order!


I ❤️ Paper

One of my first memories as a young girl was making a breakfast menu for my parent’s anniversary. And when I say make, I mean type. On an old fashioned typewriter. Sure, I may have used half a ream of paper before I got to a finished product that I was proud of, but it was a glorious moment. Definitely more glorious than the menu offerings… Toast or cereal? Milk or orange juice?

Over the years, I have enjoyed using paper in various ways – handmade cards, wedding invites, baby announcements. Sometimes the occasion inspires my paper choice but often, the paper inspires my design.

One thing you’ll notice on my signature candles is that I use soft handmade paper on my labels & my matches. It’s truly a labor of love and a great reflection of who I am & what I adore.

By the way, I try to keep my scent to paper choice continuous but sometimes the paper will change because it has become difficult to work with (too soft, too waxy, out of stock) or because I think a candle could use a little makeover.

I respect my paper so much that on finishing days (the days I dedicate to labeling & packaging), I purposefully go sans makeup as to avoid getting anything dirty. Hey, it’s the little things that make a difference, right! 

What is one little thing that you do that may seem small but that you are proud of?