Summer spiff

Hey everyone! Lots of fun things happening at the market nowadays! The expansion (have you been yet?) allows for more time hanging out without having to elbow others inside the market or leave the market altogether to the grassy area across the street. The view is gorgeous & makes for some great photo ops. I mean, by the time you’ve parked and all, you might as well stay a while, right? Some of the handmade stalls are already running while we are still awaiting some of the food spaces. I’m probably most excited to try the new biscuit place. MarketFront officially opens June 29th!

And in anticipation for summer crowds, I’ve done a little spiffing up of my space. Come on in & say hello! 


Have you seen this candle at my space at Pike Place? It’s the amber glass one right in the center – packaged in the distinctive black pinstripe craft box. It may not get as much attention as some of the other candles there but it is an up and comer for sure! 

One of the big trends in fragrance right now is the balance of masculine & feminine. Vetiver has that naturally woody, musky essence that’s not reserved just for the guys anymore. What was once exclusively masculine is now considered modern. One of the brands that does it really well is Le Labo fragrances.

If you are a fan of my Northwest scent, I’d suggest giving Vetiver a try the next time you are at the shop. This is a good one to try in the living room, den/man cave or bathroom. Enjoy!

Lika Love

I’m over the moon thrilled to announce that you can now find Lulumiére candles at the lovely Lika Love boutique – with locations in Madison Valley and West Seattle. The owner & employees are warm, helpful and genuinely sweet.

In addition to our signature boxed candles, Lika Love shops will be the first to carry an expanded selection of our gold travel tins. Come on over to not only check out our candles there but all of Lika Love’s curated apparel & accessories. My personal fave: the locally made leather & gold plated skinny bangles by Moo Young. I’m wearing the nude + gold ones all day long!

Custom order

This is a set of custom candles before I hand lettered them for a client. It was a smooth & inspiring collaboration. She is going on a birthday getaway to celebrate a milestone year & will be giving these to her guests. Isn’t she sweet? And aren’t they so lucky?

If you are interested in collaborating on a custom project, I’d love to hear from you!

Copper mugs in Northwest

Thanks to all of you who have shopped small with me at Pike Place! In particular, the Northwest candle has been especially popular. While some of the customers have been tourists looking to take a little piece of Seattle home with them, I’d like to think that some of you local folks are fans of this one too.

In response to that, I’d like to offer the beautifully shiny copper mug in the Northwest scent, starting next week. It’s a great combo – a complex yet perfectly balanced scent in a reusable gorgeous copper mug. Can’t wait!

Also… these will soon be available for purchase online. Watch for an announcement about that in the very near future! (And that was supposed to be a secret, but I got too excited.)

Vintage vessel candles 

New stunners just went into the shop this week. They are each vintage vessels, so there’s all the charm & personality of gracefully aged pieces – but with fresh wax poured into them.

Sounds strange, but I usually let my vintage containers tell me what kind of scent they want. 

This unusual flat bottomed gravy boat, for instance, really wanted something with a little heft, so the Northwest scent made sense.

On the other hand, this oversized green glassware wanted the fresh & classic grapefruit scent. 

Then this pretty scallop edged bowl was just asking to be fresh apple. I listened, of course.

Do you find that objects or rooms ask to be styled in certain ways? I absolutely do!