Candle Making Kit - Del Toro Party

Candle Making Kit - Del Toro Party

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Workshop Date/Time: Thursday, November 19th at 7pm

I'm so thrilled that we will be doing a workshop together! This class will cover all the basics of pouring your own soy wax candle. It will be a fun, relaxing time & your homes will smell amazing by the end of it. 

*Almost everything you need will be included in this kit including:

  • Free shipping to your home in the continental US
  • A white candle glass
  • US grown, natural, vegan soy wax
  • Glass measuring cup for melting
  • Seasonal scent
  • Cotton candle wick
  • Wick sticker + wick holder

*Attendees should have access to a heat source for melting their wax at home. A microwave is recommended but a double boiler set up also works.

Can't wait to see you in class! If you have any questions beforehand, please feel free to email Linda at