Shower Steamers Mini Bag
Shower Steamers Mini Bag
Shower Steamers Mini Bag

Shower Steamers Mini Bag

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This mini bag of Shower Steamers is designed for gifting or for just trying out! Please note that each individual Shower Steamer cube is smaller than the ones in the larger bags by design. 

LULUMIÈRE Shower Steamers turn everyday showers into a refreshing spa experience at home. Think of them as bath bombs, but for shower people. Each tablet is made generously with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils for an organic scent you can feel good about. 

TLDR; Link to Shower Steamer FAQs

For best results, place shower steamer where some water can reach it. For many, that sweet spot may be on your shower shelf. Once the water meets the tablet, it will begin to melt, releasing essential oils into the shower steam. Allow time for slow melting as you take in invigorating deep breaths.

Shower Steamers are designed to be used 1 tablet per shower, depending on the placement of the Shower Steamer & length of shower. Shower Steamers are not intended for bath use or for use by children. After handling the tablets, avoid touching your eyes or nose. They are minty!

Extra Strength
For those who like their shower steamers even stronger, or if your shower steamers have been around for more than a few months, try squeezing a few extra drops of these essential oil blends right onto your shower steamer just before using. They are the same oils used to make the Shower Steamers, so you know they will be oh so fresh! 

Package Size: 4 medium shower steamer cubes
Use by: For maximum freshness, use within 3 months of opening
: Sodium bicarbonate (aluminum-free), citric acid, 100% pure essential oil blend, witch hazel
Storage: Keep tablets in air-tight, moisture-free bag or container when not in use
Source: Made in Snohomish, WA


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