More About Me

Linda Takano, Founder of Lulumiére

I am Linda aka "Lulu". I live in & pour candles inspired by the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I enjoy bringing a little bit of outdoors into indoor living spaces through natural candles.

Scent has always been an important part of my life. From my mom's rose garden to vacations to Thailand to the scent of my friends' homes to the way my loved one's hair smells, my memories often have scent as part of the story.

Pouring candles also helped me process deep personal loss. It is one of the reasons I enjoy pouring every candle that Lulumière makes. I believe that scent can soothe, refresh, awaken, cleanse & sometimes even heal. By including natural essential oils in every candle, I hope to encourage renewal & deep breaths.

Thank you for visiting today.

All the best to you,
Linda Takano