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Shower Steamers

Here to answer your most frequently asked questions about Lulumière Shower Steamers!

What exactly are Shower Steamers?

Simply put, they are like bath bombs but for your shower. Read the origin story here. Similar to how bath bombs are made to add an extra element of relaxation to baths, Shower Steamers were designed to be placed into your shower to uplift the everyday shower experience. You know, like a mini spa right at home.

How do you use Shower Steamers?

Place one on your shower shelf after you've stepped into your shower. For best results, put it in a spot nearest to your nose where it is not getting constant water pressure (or else it will wash away too quickly.) Shower water not able to reach where you've put your shower steamer? Use your hand to sprinkle some water on top of it to activate the melting. Then just breathe it in! The shower steam will help carry refreshing vapors into the air so that you can take in all of the natural essence. 

How long does one Shower Steamer cube last?

The small 4-piece bags are designed for one shower per cube. The larger 9-piece bags are made to last one longer shower or two brief showers. Depends on how melty the cubes get & how long your shower ends up being.

I need more of these for myself & for gifts. Do you ship?

Absolutely! Here is the link for the regular Shower Steamers & the Mini Shower Steamers. We believe fully in investing in those small moments at home. If you want to ship these as gifts, please feel free to leave a note at checkout & we are happy to include one on your behalf. For those not able to take a bath due to time, current mobility or post medical care, we find that they appreciate the thoughtfulness of shower steamers.

What is a Lulumière Shower Steamer made of?

Simple, clean ingredients are at the heart of everything we make in-house. Our Shower Steamers are made only with our own fresh 100% essential oil blends, aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, food grade citric acid & witch hazel.

Can I make these any stronger?

You are my people. Yes, you can! For those who like their shower steamers even more invigorating, or if your shower steamers have been around for more than a few months, try putting a few extra drops of these essential oil blends right onto your shower steamer just before using. They are the same oils used to make the Shower Steamers, so you know they will match! 

I have some crumbs at the bottom of my bag. What should I do with them?

Applauding this sensibility! Don't waste those. Here are a couple of my favorite uses:

  1. Sprinkle on your home or car rug (do a test spot first in an inconspicuous place to make sure no discoloration appears) right before vacuuming. Your rug & your vacuum will smell so good!
  2. Make a mini facial steam by shaking those crumbs into a large bowl of hot water. Place face over bowl. Optional: place towel over the whole thing so that refreshing facial steam stays in place.

Can I use these in the bath?

Shower Steamers are not recommended for bath use. The generous amount of essential oils in each shower steamer cube is more than should be sitting on your skin for a long period of time. They are also more likely to get into your eyes or other sensitive body parts when used in a bath setting.

What is the shelf life of these Shower Steamers?

Lulumière Shower Steamers are best when used within 3 months. While they do not necessarily expire, they are not made with preservatives either. We tend to think that natural products are best enjoyed while fresh. In other words, don't "save" these for too long! Use them & enjoy them!

These look like sugar cubes. Can I eat them?

No, friend. Do not eat them. These are not recommended for consumption. And this question is asked more than you might think.