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The story: It's always been tempting for me to buy myself a bath bomb, but the reality is, it's been years since I took a bath. I thought: there's got to be a bath bomb for shower people! So I decided to make my own Shower Steamers. 

These would be Lulumière style Shower Steamers, of course.

  • Cube shaped, for starters. As a former engineer, Linda knows that a cube will melt slower than a puck, which has more surface area. Also, bathroom discs remind her of urinal cakes.

  • No dyes. The thing about colorful, glittery bath bombs is you have to clean your bathtub after your nice, relaxing bath. No, thank you. These will not stain your shower.

  • No clays. Why put clay down your pipes? Any risk of clogging your plumbing is a hard pass. Lulumière Shower Steamers are made with baking soda & citric acid aka the best & simplest shower drain cleaner. Yep - they're actually good for your water pipes. 

  • Natural scent. Zero synthetic fragrances. Pure essential oils. Once these start to melt, there's a strong urge to take in a deep breath. And this, well, it is exactly what we are going for.

Perfect for every day use, but also a special treat especially for: hard working people, post-surgery recovery, new parents, persevering students & to just show a little love.

To learn more, please check out our Shower Steamer FAQs.