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Petal Candles


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Each of our Petal Collection candles are housed in stunning hand blown glass. This means that there will be slight variation in both color & pattern, as no two pieces are exactly alike. Because the color is deposited into the glass, it will keep its beautiful pattern forever without flaking off or lifting. It kind of makes these Petal candles perfect for repurposing. We happen to think these make for a very pretty flower vase. Or re-candled, of course!

The LULUMIÈRE Petal Collection is spring inspired, an ode to the many cherry & plum blossom trees that line the streets of the Pacific Northwest. 

Each Petal candle is oversized at 16 fl oz and luxuriously set with a double cotton wick. 

  • Magnolia is a lighter pink hued candle
  • Hellebore is a mauve hued candle

Choose your favorite petal color candle + then pair it with your favorite candle scent. Just let us know at checkout your scent of choice. Each one is poured to your customization with care.