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Candle Accessories


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Candle Accessories
Use your candles safely & in style with these beautiful candle accessories. Pick one or use all three as a matching set for yourself or your favorite candle enthusiast.

USB Rechargeable Lighter
If that disposable barbecue lighter needs an upgrade, this is an attractive alternative. To use, simply press the safety button on the underside while sliding the switch upwards to activate the electric flame. For best results, glide the flame across the top of your candle wick to light. When it is time, simply use the included USB charger for an easy, sustainable recharge.

Wick Trimmer
Designed to trim candle wicks elegantly with this new take on an old-fashioned essential. Sleek and streamlined, the matte finished trimmer keeps wicks at their optimal burning length of 1/4" which helps candles burn safer & more efficiently. 

Candle Snuffer
Extinguish candles elegantly with a candle wick snuffer. The long, slim handle of this candle snuffer easily reaches into deep hurricanes or lanterns, and the hinged snuffing cylinder rotates helpfully. Sleek & streamlined, the matte finished snuffer minimizes smoke when dinner parties or other candlelit occasions come to an end. Place snuffer just above melted wax to extinguish your flame without getting melted wax onto the instrument.