Feeding America

Growing up, food was central to our family. The act of preparing & receiving a meal, even a simple one, was an act of affection. Gatherings still center around a table full of home cooked dishes.

But it wasn't always that simple. Though my parents both worked diligently, we also experienced scarcity. I remember my dad telling me that he once had to sell a pair of our dining chairs for us to afford that month's milk & groceries.

Though it's not that way anymore, I am humbled to acknowledge that those days weren't that far behind us - and also not in the realm of impossibility in front of us. 

For January 2021, Lulumiére donated to Feeding America. During this pandemic, food banks everywhere are being stretched thin. Thanks to your support, we were able to collectively donate 2500 meals to individuals & families in need. 

Grateful for you,


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