Picks for Staying In

Hello! With many of us adjusting to the idea of extended time in our homes, I've decided to make my own space a little bit cleaner, brighter, freshened up. So what does the owner of candle studio choose for her own home? 

Here are some of my favorite Lulumière candle scents for the next few months.

In the main living space for day, I like something woodsy like Balsam & Cedar. It is grounding, calming and doesn't overpower the home while I work & the kids learn. Northwest or Currant are my other favorites as we ease into spring.

In the evening, the heart of my home needs to unwind & calm down. For me, it's an easy choice with Lavender & Eucalyptus. It is soothing + signals my body that we are heading toward a resting stage. If you don't like lavender, I might suggest something soothing but light like Bergamot & Tangerine.

Finally, being at home all day means a lot more time in the kitchen. Whether it is making extra meals or washing more dishes than usual, I like to make these tasks as enjoyable as possible. Lighting either Lemon & Rosemary or Limonata are an easy way to bring joy into my kitchen, while making it smell bright & clean!

If you are having trouble narrowing down what scent you'd like to add into your space, send me a message - I'd love to help!

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