Making Good

Hello friends,

Thank you for your interest & support in the products that I craft for Lulumière. I truly enjoy putting out things like candles & shower steamers out into the world. Because they bring me light, joy & a reminder to take deep breaths, I hope they do the same for you.

Because of your support, I can and want to do more. I was recently inspired by Lauren at the Making Good Podcast. She believes that we can use the resources we already have to make a difference in our communities & in the world. I have to agree.

Each month, a 5% portion of my proceeds will go toward charity. Maybe from an accounting standpoint, it might not make sense to donate in a time of a pandemic. But I believe in abundance. To me, there is always enough to share something. 

Here are the charities I will be donating to for the remainder of 2020. 

August: Girl Scouts of Western Washington

September: Red Cross Western Wildfire Relief Fund

October: Food Lifeline

November: Ayame Kai Guild

December: Seattle Humane Society



Take care,



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