Keeping in Touch from Afar

LULUMIÈRE Lavender & Eucalyptus


Hello friends!

Keeping touch while keeping a responsible radius doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sending a text message that includes a fun old photo. It might be a phone call to a loved one in the generation or two above you. Maybe it is mailing a letter or cheery card, since you have everything you need on hand (plus you'll finally get to use up all those pretty stickers). It can also be a practical gift that reminds someone that you've thought of them.

Today, I'm going to highlight some of my very favorite candles that I personally love sending + some occasions to go along with them.  

  • Canceled spring wedding? Send warm wishes with an Aloha candle! It has all the tropical vacation vibes & it smells like joy.
  • Miss your morning catch-up time over coffee? This all natural candle will transform any space into a personal coffee house. 
  • Know someone who is having a hard time being alone? Send a note of solidarity along with a soothing Lavender & Eucalyptus candle.
  • Birthday dinner suddenly postponed? Bookmark it by sending a Sangria candle and include a note with your thoughtful birthday toast.
  • Wish you could hug your faraway mum or grandmother?  Gift her a gorgeous Peony or Rose candle that she can smile about for weeks on end.
  • Family dinner put on hold? Send a springy Limonata candle that can brighten up your favorite homey kitchen.
  • Missing Seattle right now? Ease a bout of homesickness with some fresh woodiness via my year-round favorite Northwest candle.

Complimentary shipping & an option for a gift note at check out will make it easier for you turn your thoughtfulness into something that can be enjoyed over & over again. Cheers!

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