New scent: Rose & Juniper


I’ve been wanting to include a floral into the 100% essential oil line for some time now. Rose had to be it. The challenge came in trying to pair & enhance its sweet, subtle, complex notes. Should I complement it with another flower like ylang ylang or geranium? How would it work with something spicy like cardamom? In the end, I decided to give it a nice woody, musky base.

Welcome, Rose & Juniper. The base is juniper berry, which isn’t at all a berry but more of a conifer like the cypress tree. Its aroma is slightly sweet like balsamic with an overall clean, woody fragrance. The middle notes come from an addition of petitgrain. I’ll save you the googles by describing petitgrain as coming from the leaves & twigs of the bitter orange tree. As a side note, the intoxicating neroli is produced from the orange blossoms of the same tree. Finally, the finish is the lingering classic, true rose.

This candle wants to be lit next to a soaking bathtub or on a nightstand in a bedroom. It’s light & perfectly lovely. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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