With Mother’s Day approaching, it seems like an appropriate time to share a little bit more of the lulumiére origin story. 

I have always been a maker, of sorts. If it’s intriguing to me, I want to try it out and see what will come of it when I put my own spin on it. See: baking, calligraphy, gardening, knitting… Unfortunately, I stink at all of those.

In 2012, at the prompting of an influential & encouraging mentor, I tried pouring soy wax candles. I watched some videos online and gave it a whirl. No lie, I messed up so many candles at first but loved it. It was a little bit mathy/science-y and a little bit artsy, just like me. One thing led to another and I started selling them on a small scale. But just when things started picking up, I became pregnant with my third kiddo and decided to retire. (Insert the shrug emoji here.)

In 2013, we welcomed our new son but tragedy came when he unexpectedly passed away. 

Months later, a family friend sweetly sent me a candle. It was just what I needed. A little bit of light… a quiet scent… a moment of lovely. When I got to the end of the candle, I wish I had more.

Then I remembered. Oh yeah, I can do that. So I started back up again. The first few candles were for me. But it was therapeutic, so I started making them again for others too. This was the legit beginning of lulumiére.

Know that every candle that goes out from here is more than just another candle. Each one is made with intention. Lumiére means light & I love that I’m sending out little lights to all of you. They are mostly for you, but also a little bit for me.

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