Antiques at Pike Place


What started as a one month pop-up shop has already turned into three months! Maybe they’re letting me stay longer because I keep adding stuff to the space and they haven’t had the heart to boot me. Or maybe they just haven’t noticed it’s still me because I got a haircut last month? Either way, I’m so happy be at one of the best places in the city!

I drop in once a week or so to freshen up my stock but the great staff there take care of the rest. Since I have my own space, I have some freedom to experiment with other handmade things besides candles – my hand lettered signs, brass planters and wall hangings. But my favorite thing at the market is meeting all the people who come through… domestic & international tourists, locals and even all the young hipsters. Yes, I love y’all too, hipsters. 

Some of you have contacted me, even while already down at the market, trying to find the space. Ok, so it’s not tricky but I’m not exactly next to the hunks throwing the fishies either. 

Google Maps will take you right to Antiques at Pike Place but Waze isn’t hip to it yet. So here’s a little tip from me to you, if using Waze, type in “Katsoori Grill.” It’s the first thing you smell when you are on Stewart St. by the market anyway, so it’s perfect.

Thanks for supporting the little vendors like us down at Pike Place Market!

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