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Many thanks to The Seattle Times for featuring Lulumière candles, both in print via their Sunday paper edition, and also on Monday online in their article highlighting locally made items for fall decor.

The featured item was my Coffee & Vanilla candle. It's from my Essential Collection that uses only... well, the essentials. All of the candles from this line use just 100% essential oils for scent. That means the air will be lightly fragranced and totally pure, without any fragrances or perfumes (or headaches!) The wick is cotton + paper, totally lead free. And finally, renewable, US grown soy wax as the vehicle for all of this goodness.

The Coffee & Vanilla candle in particular, is totally a nod to our Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Rainy indoor days, the art of caffeination & our generally easy going pace. It smells just like a bag of whole bean coffee with just the slightest hint of vanilla.

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