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Help me by being a perfumist! In an ongoing quest to only keep the best of the best candle scents in my current offerings, I will edit formulas now and then. This one is on the block: Lavender & Litsea. While I like it, I don’t loooove it anymore. And based on sales, while there are some of you who are into it, it’s just not getting the love that I’d hoped for.

The base will remain: Lavender essential oil. Classic, slightly camphorous, floral woody, a little bit sweet, smells just like the real thing.

Here are my ideas for pairings. (These would be straight essential oils, so what is listed here smells just like if you rubbed the leaves between your fingers and sniffed!)

Lavender & Thyme. The thyme takes a back seat next to the lavender but the finish is that unmistakable garden herb.

Lavender & Lemon. It will be similar to this Lavender & Litsea but it might be slightly sharper, more of the citrus is pronounced. Lemony for sure.

Lavender & Cedar. This would be more of a woody lumber-like base with the floral lavender finish. NW sensibilities to the tilt.

Lavender & Eucalyptus. We’d be embracing the camphor and going for a super fresh, clean combination.

Lavender & Vanilla. The idea would be to round out the herbaceousness of the lavender with soothing vanilla.

Please vote over on Facebook or here below with your thoughts! Your input is valuable to me! While I normally just run with my personal instincts, I know it’s important to be a good listener too. Here’s your chance to weigh in. Will keep you updated when I make my final reveal! Thank you!!!

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