Holiday Candle Trends for 2019-2020

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When it comes to autumn & winter home fragrance, lighting a candle makes perfect sense. A tiny bit of heat from the candle helps to warm up fragrance notes, while a flicker of light adds cozy ambience.

  • Sugar & spice & everything nice. Traditional spices like cinnamon & clove are likely the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking about classic holiday scents. There is something nostalgic about combinations like Orange & Clove or Chai & Cinnamon. They work great in kitchen spaces because holiday meals tend to be heavier & windows stay closed. Lighting a candle is a lovely way to clear that air. Try lighting your candles after dinner, when washing the dishes in the kitchen or in the living space for post-meal unwinding. It is a modern take on simmering orange peels & cloves over the stove.
  • Farm to table. This year, I drew much of my inspiration from crisp, fresh fruits. One of the best parts of living in the Pacific Northwest is enjoying new apple crops popping up in autumn. An ode to our harvest season is the Cider candle, with fresh apple & light spice notes. Then as colder months approach, I love Currant as our candle of the season. With a pine wood accord, the tart red currant is holiday perfection.
  • Home among the trees. No winter fragrance collection would be complete without an ode to the outdoors. Fallen leaves, bare branches, crisp woods... bringing the outdoors inside through candle fragrance is a lovely way to connect our senses to nature. From the Essential Collection, Balsam & Cedar is a classic woodsy candle, while Woods & Winter combines the forest with a hint of smoke & spice. And, if tree type scents aren't typically your thing but you want to try one, the Winter signature candle is a customer favorite year after year for good reason.

This season, I'd say, "Try something you and try something new." Pick a scent you are pretty sure you'd like, then pick one you have been interested in but aren't totally sure about. Lighting a fresh candle can really bring a new vibe into your space. Cheers!


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