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One of my first memories as a young girl was making a breakfast menu for my parent’s anniversary. And when I say make, I mean type. On an old fashioned typewriter. Sure, I may have used half a ream of paper before I got to a finished product that I was proud of, but it was a glorious moment. Definitely more glorious than the menu offerings… Toast or cereal? Milk or orange juice?

Over the years, I have enjoyed using paper in various ways – handmade cards, wedding invites, baby announcements. Sometimes the occasion inspires my paper choice but often, the paper inspires my design.

One thing you’ll notice on my signature candles is that I use soft handmade paper on my labels & my matches. It’s truly a labor of love and a great reflection of who I am & what I adore.

By the way, I try to keep my scent to paper choice continuous but sometimes the paper will change because it has become difficult to work with (too soft, too waxy, out of stock) or because I think a candle could use a little makeover.

I respect my paper so much that on finishing days (the days I dedicate to labeling & packaging), I purposefully go sans makeup as to avoid getting anything dirty. Hey, it’s the little things that make a difference, right! 

What is one little thing that you do that may seem small but that you are proud of?

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