Pottery Barn


You guys, thanks so much for coming out yesterday!

I am always grateful & honestly a little bit surprised by the overwhelming support from you all. I truly couldn't ask for more.

I was kind of holding my breath about the Pure Essential line but I'm so glad y'all liked it! Bergamot & Tangerine was the big winner of the day. It's one of my faves, which just confirms that yes, we all do have very good taste.

Also, I must declare that the staff at Bellevue Square Pottery Barn is really great to work with. Usually when I attend a show, the toughest part is hauling everything around. It involves multiple trips to and from the car, carrying lots & lots of heavy candles. Yesterday, all I had to do was pull up to the curb, where there were 2 helpful staff waiting with carts. They came right up to the trunk of my car and helped me load it all up. Then they whisked it all away in their freight elevator. I parked my car and waltzed into the front of the store, where the carts had magically appeared, ready for me to do my thing. So nice! During the pop up, they sweetly gave me several offers of assistance. And then when it was all over, unloading back into my car was just as quick as getting it all out. Sometimes you can tell when people are "just doing their job." Not these guys. They really went above & beyond to make my experience as lovely as possible. Allow me to tip my messy bun to you. Thank you!

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