Scent Trends for Spring + Summer 2019

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As with clothing fashion, there are trends in home decor - including scent. Fragrance for the home has evolved over the years from strong vanilla type scents in the 80's to spiced potpourris in the 90's to linen/laundry perfumes in the 2000's and now back to a more nature-inspired home.

For 2019 Spring + Summer, we have set aside our cozy holiday candles for a season-appropriate refresh in our newly "Tidied Up" homes.

Here's a look at 3 big trends in home fragrance for Spring + Summer:

  1. Citrus. It's no surprise that citrus would top this list. While it might be an obvious choice, there are good reasons for it. Citrus fruits like lemons, lime & oranges have long been a symbol of a clean space. Not only does citrus evoke clean, it truly is a powerful cleaning agent and has been used since before the days of Method or even Pine-Sol. From our Signature Collection, one of our newest candles, Limonata, captures that joyful feeling well. It is infused with lemon essential oil, but with just a hint of creamy sweetness & a touch of herbal verbena for balance. From the Essential Collection, we are instantly drawn to Grapefruit & Bergamot. The combination of light, bright Grapefruit citrus along with soothing, green Bergamot fruit, commonly used in Earl Grey tea, is natural perfection.
  2. Herbs. And ode to all things green & earthy. If citrus is that clean, crisp scent working in the top notes, think of herbs as rounding out the middle section of our scent palette. Food plants like thyme, rosemary, mint, basil & tarragon have a familiar aroma that instantly bring us outdoors. On their own, they can lean towards being just a grassy garden. But paired with a pretty floral or a tart citrus, these herbs are grounding & soothing. From the Essential line, our standout for Spring is the Lemon & Rosemary candle. Rosemary essential oil has that familiar rosemary freshness but is also slightly camphorous, like eucalyptus. Blended together with lemon, and it is beautifully uplifting & clean.
  3. Mood. While food-related scents will forever appeal to the masses, there is something to be said for a unisex, musky statement for your space. This trend is embraced by the current generations, who understand scent as an layer of decor. We're talking notes of leather, oud, sandalwood & musk. While it might not be for gourmand candle lovers, we've done it the Lulumière way this season with Tabac. And no, it doesn't smell like an old cigarette. Think rich amber, green tobacco leaves & a hint of smokey maple. It's the one to light in the evening, just a bit before your guests come over.

Whichever scent profile you are most drawn to, we love this season for updating your home scent collection. Cheers!

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