She’s Back


Rose Juniper TrioOh hey there! Let’s talk shop. Sometimes it’s the coolest thing being a one person team. Decision making is efficient, schedule is flexible as can be & no one gives me side eye for wearing the same black shirt & black yoga pants two days in a row. But it can be so, so tough too. Last month was difficult for me on an emotional level so I did very little to move Lulumière forward. Grief was following me around & in my experience, that sucker won’t let up until you stare at it in the face. I saw something on social media which kind of freed me to embrace my emotions, “Grief is just love with nowhere to go.” I probably don’t fully understand that or maybe even believe all of what that means, but seeing grief as a form of love really resonated with me.

Is this what you wanted to hear about candles? Ha! Probably not. But even those are personal for me, the roots of why I pour, how it is my gift & my therapy. So really, it’s all connected.

Anyhow, without a team to work with, it’s been quiet here.

But that’s ok. Giving myself space & freedom to embrace stillness is one of the things I’ll always be working on. Now to do that while working might be the next step for me. If you have thoughts or ideas on that, I’d love to hear from you.

These days, I’m back to pants with real buttons, taking photos and my Etsy shop has finally been updated! It includes the new lovely Rose & Juniper candles but also all of the best sellers from the past few shows.

I’m back, ya’ll!

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