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2017 Booth

Before I get into it, please note that my entire Etsy shop is 30% for the next few days! It starts today, Cyber Monday, and runs through this Thursday 11/30. Happy shopping!

Ok first off, thanks to everyone for stopping by to see me at the last few events. It’s been a whirlwind but I feel like I can finally catch my breath now.

Ayame Kai: The best because everyone in the community is happy to see each other there. I don’t know of a friendlier shopping atmosphere. I can hear you shoppers stop each other in the hustle & bustle to say hello, give a hug & tell each other just how “genki” you look. Love that. I also recognize many of your faces now that come back year after year to this special handmade show. That makes my heart full.

Vendor Splendor: My high school alma mater’s Small Business Saturday event. Even though the physical building I attended is now landfill for the Costco that now sits on top of it, I still love going back… to the new building I never attended. Anyway, you all are so cute in your Royals gear. Stay classy, Lynnwood!

The Seattle Collective: My first time at this event and it was way hipper than I will ever be. Not at all pretentious or snobby. Just totally laid back Seattle vibes with awesomely curated studios. Now, I must share all of the goodies I happily bought:

  • Alexandra’s Macarons – I tried to buy a box of 6 before she was even set up. What? I’m not a glutton. She sells these amazing things out of her minibus. Too cute.
  • Metamorphic Gear – I got an sweet toiletry bag from him. Mostly upcycled materials like climbing ropes, sails & more. Nice hardware. Super cool.
  • Apartment on Belmont – They were my booth neighbors. Loved chatting candles, business & racoons. Got this card but should have bought a dozen more. Her face is so good. I’m sure I have something rad to say to someone.
  • Slate Coffee – We were really lucky to have these guys artfully pouring coffee for us right on the spot. I tried two blends and they were both delightful. Their coffee even made my bland breakfast bar sing. No easy feat.
  • Mustard & Co – Might I recommend the Garlic Dill and the Black Truffle mustards? I got them both. So good! Mustard > ketchup.
  • Honeyberry Studios – Her cards & prints are as lovely as she is. She also teaches classes! If you want to go, let me know & I’ll go with you! I got the rooster card for my aunt. But don’t tell her, it’s a surprise.

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